About Cynthia

Cynthia R. Meyers, born February 9, 1955 in Madison, WI.

Cindy’s artist flare peaked early in her life with a sculpture displayed in the Madison Art Center at the age of six. Her relationship with form and design continued throughout her school years as contributing artist for numerous projects including stage art, yearbooks, advertising, etc. Her first student instruction began as a teacher’s aide in her senior art class.

With tremendous respect for her earth and its inhabitants she raised horses and her beloved dogs and cats. She relishes her vast portfolio of her life photos, and tends to her gardens and pond. Cindy had the unique privilege of serving her community, as a Village trustee, for twelve years. Cindy lives with her husband John, in a home they remodeled, surrounded by the beautiful Cam-Rock Park system, in Wisconsin.

She worked for Rowe Pottery Works in 1981 as master decorator until 1984, where she was featured on the cover of Country Home Magazine. She went to work for Rockdale Union Stoneware where she spent the next 13 years designing, decorating and developing new products and pieces. Cindy also sculpted several original pieces for production molds. She is listed in the "Encyclopedia of Collectibles". With the help of her sisters, she started a pottery in 1998.

Now after 30 years experience in the pottery world she has developed and taught specialized decorating techniques that produce the beautiful heirloom pieces of Camrock Clay Works Studios.

About Camrock Clay Works

Camrock Clay Works is a socially responsible, family-owned business that develops and markets customized pottery created by professional artists.

We realize the Earth is a home we all share. In keeping with that understanding, we contribute a percentage of our profits to organizations that conserve the environment. Our production practices are environmentally sound and we make every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We operate with a commitment to exceptional quality and personal attention and support that commitment with our guaranteed satisfaction.. This is a highly unusual guarantee for a personalized product in our industry.